Summer's almost here!

One more full week, then 4 days, and Andrew and I are out for summer! Andrew is (hopefully) teaching summer school, but I am going to take it easy. For the last 7 1/2 years I have been the cheer advisor at our school, and it has been a tough last year. FYI…most cheer parents are seriously nuts. Some, not all, live vicariously through their daughters. It’s especially the parents of girls who aren’t even that talented. I cannot believe how much free time I have now, and how little time I have to spend on insignificant problems (i.e. my daughter isn’t in the front row, why aren’t the girls using boxes to stand on at the games, these other girls are being mean to my daughter, yada, yada, yada). I don’t have to work my summer around practice, camp, every little detail involved with other kids. I will admit…I’ll miss the girls the most. Most of them are so sweet. I’ll be able to watch them from the sidelines though!

So what do we have planned for the summer? Well, of course I hope I’ll finally be a mom. Other plans entail travel, trying new recipes, “spring” cleaning (I read an article that if it happens before the fall, it’s technically spring cleaning), gardening, playing with the dogs, continuing to get fit…

Travel plans this summer include Maui (can’t wait!) and AZ in July!!! We are staying at the Biltmore and I am very excited to see my family that lives there. I will keep all my loyal fans posted on my oh-very-exciting life!!! lol

BTW…writing about the cheer parents was so cathartic just now! Would it be evil if I wrote about the many stories I have involving them???


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