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why the blog?

I had a couple questions as to why I started a blog. My answer is, why not? Actually, it’s not something I ever in a million years thought I’d do, but when you are adopting it’s actually very helpful. It’s sometimes hard to talk to friends and family about adoption, and the blog world helps fill a need. There are many people available to vent with, read about, and celebrate with as they go through their adoption journeys. Above all, it helps with the waiting. I started this blog to vent, to share, and to document this journey to our child or children (aka keiki). I hope you enjoy!


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Close call…

We’ve been getting ready for Maui (we leave on Friday morning). Yesterday afternoon we received a call about a match. A little boy had been born last Saturday and was possibly available. Were we interested? Yes, yes, yes! Of course our emotions were up and down, and we decided that I would stay home in case we were going to pick him up. Andrew would have to go to Maui because there was no way to get our money back. He was worried about me being alone with a newborn, but I assured him I would be fine. There was no way that we were going to let a trip get in the way of taking a baby. Unfortunately, today we got more information. The family of the little boy met last night, and the father was located (the mother did not state a father on the birth records). He decided to take the baby. We were disappointed, but know that this wasn’t the right match. God has other things planned for us. It’s just so hard mentally preparing for the possibilities, and then have it fall through. Thank God we have our faith! Oh, btw, the little boy also had a 3-year-old brother, who was already in foster care. Our social worker says we’re on the top of the list! Any day now! I know that it will happen this summer.

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