weekly goals accomplished! (and it's only tuesday!)

So my goals this week were:

1. back up all my itunes music on to a portable hard drive and transfer music library from laptop to desktop

2. back up pictures on portable hard drive and shutterfly (yes, i learned my lesson after losing everything when the desktop crashed)

3. blog more!

4. do all laundry

5. finish nursery

So every task did take me ALL day, but I got it done. Despite having a Master’s in Educational Technology, I am not very tech-savvy. It takes me 5 times as long to complete a simple task as the average joe, but I will say that I’m tenacious, and when I want to get something done there’s no stopping me! Yes, I didn’t shower today and the only time I left the house was to make a 5 minute trip to the airport to drop off my cousin, but I feel good that these tasks are crossed off my ‘to do’ list!

The nursery is just about done. It was ‘done’ before, but now it’s really done. What we had was more of a temporary situation…we borrowed a crib from friends and put together a room so that we’d be okay for our home study, but now that I’m off I really wanted to finish it. I’ll post some pics later, but I am dreaming of what else to do to the room.

Thought I’d share some pictures of our fur babies…We are also babysitting Bruno’s brother, Sumo, so if I get a chance I’ll post some pictures of him, too!

This is Duke. He’s a pit bull mix.

This is Bruno. He’s our newest addition, and will be one year on August 22. Slap me now, but I actually said out loud, “Should we have a birthday party?” I can’t believe I’m turning into one of THOSE people. Bruno is a rat terrier/maltese mix.

Gatsby is our resident grumpy old man. He is the protector of the bunch and growls a lot, although his growl is worse than his bite. Gatsby is a German shepherd mix.

Zoe’s the only girl dog. She’s extremely shy, but once she knows you she is so cuddy and lovable. She’s a German shepherd, lab, chow mix.

Chelsea is our only cat (we used to have 2 more, but they passed away after long, long lives). She lets all of us live in HER house. She and Duke have a very turbulent relationship. She knows she controls him, and she will stare him down to intimidate him for any length of time. She’s also been known to go after him just for fun.

 Some other fun pics:

The best part about all our animals is that they love kids! The baby/babies we adopt are going to have so much fun with them!


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One response to “weekly goals accomplished! (and it's only tuesday!)

  1. I am in total awe over you… How in the world do you handle 4 dogs and a cat??? Sometimes I think I am going to go crazy because of 2 dog and a goat!

    Thanks for the post on my blog… I am excited to follow your journey as well!!!

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