things i am grateful for

first things first. i am an english teacher. yes, an english teacher. i love words and letters (my most recent obsession is typography). typically my blog writing goes like this: write blog, read over for errors, publish. check site. oops, mistake with spelling. edit and save. check site. punctuation error. edit and save. so, i’ve decided to stop with this madness. this is MY blog, and so for those of you who see errors i will apologize here and now and this should serve for any future errors.

as for thursday…not a good day.

1. woke up and andrew asked me if i moved a planting from out front (we have succulents planted out in front of our house in the ground and pots spread throughout them, also planted with succulents). no, i hadn’t. so…someone stole our pot! just one mind you, but this really upset me. who would steal something like this? i mean someone stole our obama lawn sign months ago, but i took it as either someone who was a clinton or mccain supporter or someone who really, really supported obama. do you think if i posted this picture around the neighborhood someone would turn in the culprit? (i am totally kidding).

2. the washer repairmen came by to fix our washing machine (btw, i haven’t done laundry in over a week since it was broken). the problem? rats ate some tubing in the machine. RATS? yes, you read it correctly, we occasionally have rats that live in our garage. it’s totally gross, but thank goodness there is no entry way from our garage into the house (you have to go into the backyard or frontyard from the house to get into the garage). now,  when we first found out we had rats i felt sorry for the poor creatures and was totally against killing them, but now? after they broke the washing machine? after they ate through 3 plastic dog food containers? after they totally ruined some very cute holiday decorations? i want them gone!

3. the worst part of thursday was, of course, hearing from the social worker.

after this call i had had it with that day. i was over it and really had to slap myself out of it. the only way i could think to do it was to write down everything i am grateful for so here it is…

1. God-there is no way i could get through my hard days without God and my faith. i am very grateful that my parents gave me faith. i know that i complained many a time about going to church, but i’m very glad that my mom made me do it. i’m not so great about attending church now (which is something i know i need to work on), but i talk to and listen to God every single day.

2. my husband-i am very lucky to have andrew as a husband. he adores me and even writes poetry to me still. even though we have had some hard times they have brought us closer together and have made us a stronger couple. marriage is very hard at times, but i’m glad i’m going through this journey with him. we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on july 10, and one of the presents he gave me was a box of my favorite chocolates-bordeaux from see’s!


3. my family-i love my family so much. they are fractured right now since my grandma passed away, and not in the usual ‘hurting because someone passed’ kind of way, but in a way that i don’t really want to discuss here. i pray to God every day that the family will heal, and know that in time it will happen. my best memories are of spending weekends at my grandma’s with all my aunts, uncles, and cousins, and i can’t wait for our child/children to experience something like that.



 4. friends-i have a great group of friends that are always there for me no matter what. i have found that the older i got i lost touch with friends who really weren’t friends, and have kept the ones close that i can really trust. there are a couple friends from my childhood, though, that i need to re-connect with because i miss them.

5. our pets-these guys keep me company when i’m alone. they are fabulous listeners, and always, always lick my face when i’m crying to make me feel better (i know, i know…they like the salt…just humor me). i can’t imagine a life without dogs and cats. when i was little i remember walking home from school one day in the second grade and telling my friend that my dream was to “have cats and dogs and they all get along”. well it kind’ve came true, right?

6. our house-we are truly blessed to own our home in our neighborhood. we live in a safe place where everyone walks around with their kids and dogs; it’s really a great place to raise a kid. there’s a park nearby and so many places to see in just a short drive away. the house was a mess when we bought it, but we’ve really made huge improvements. i absolutely love my garden. i always dreamed of having my own garden, and that dream has definitely come true. every year it gets better because i learn more about growing things. in the mess that the housing market is (especially in ca) we are really lucky to have our own home.

7. travel-wow. with so many people struggling in this economy i know that we are lucky to go on our adventures. my mom has always worked in the travel industry so she gave me the travel bug when i was born. i absolutely have to go places. we are very fortunate to have the vacation time and funds to do it as much as we do. thinking about this one got me thinking about my trip to paris last year. i haven’t been able to scrapbook that trip so it will be on the next post so that mistee and i can reminisce. i was missing paris so much yesterday, i found this blog.

8. washer/dryer-i know this sounds lame, but after getting it fixed  i really appreciate this modern convenience. after my parents’ divorce we lived in couple of apartment/condo complexes where you have to bring your laundry down to the community washer/dryer room. i hated this, as i was in charge of all the laundry (hmmm…still am). when i moved into a place with my own washer/dryer i was in heaven! it’s just like when i pass someone waiting at the bus stop, which i had to do when i moved back home from college and didn’t have a car. hated it! every time i see someone waiting for the bus i thank the Lord that i have a car!

9. the birds outside our bedroom window-we are on the second set of baby birds this year that have been born in our patio just off of our bedroom. every morning i hear mom/dad feeding them and it is so precious. i think”mom” is a first-timer. she feeds them, then “dad” screams at her, then does it himself. he’s kind of mean about it at times.

10. pick-up-stix online-yes, you can order online now, and after having such a terrible day the last thing i wanted to do was to cook so…i remembered that you can order pick-up-stix chinese food (ok, ok, i know it’s not REAL chinese food but i happen to think it’s delicious) online.


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  1. miranda

    I totally hear you about having a bad day and having to write the list of thanks. I like all of them, especially the washer/dryer one (because it sucks when people steal your undergarments in the “community” laundry room) and the bus one because I had to ride it to FJC for summer school one year.

    I would like to add a special #11 for you: Not having to teach summer school where a crazy parent wants to harrass you.

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