nothing to report

There’s absolutely nothing new to report. No calls at all. Not one. I thought I’d post some pictures of our nursery, which is now complete. I do have some good news though! My brother and his girlfriend are having a baby! I’m so excited to be an auntie!

I’m way infatuated with etsy right now. The blanket on the side of the crib is from The starfish lamp was $12.99 at Home Goods (gotta love a deal) and the letters that spell “Love” were $1.50 from Michael’s.

Pardon the junk on the dresser. The white mirror is from Target.

Andrew painted the coral mural.

I got the idea for the number frames from a magazine. This idea is super cheap. The frames are $6.99 from Ikea, and I printed out the numbers on photography paper.

The fabric whale came from So cute! The little baby blanket on the chair came from

This little turtle came from

As a sidenote, my stats show 50 hits on my blog today alone. I feel lonely people! Why aren’t you commenting? Don’t you know all bloggers love comments? ; )



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8 responses to “nothing to report

  1. Your nursery is beautiful! I am envious of the way you put everything together. Thank you for including a picture of my Snuggle Buddy creation – I am happy she matches everything!!

  2. We really are connected. I just found out that my brother and his girlfriend are having a baby too. Hopefully we will both get a call asap! Love the nursery. I’ve been addicted to eBay, but I’ll have to check out etsy again too.

  3. miranda

    Oh my gosh! Your nursery is soooo cute! You and Andy are so creative! I love everything in there.

  4. What a cool nursery!!! I love the color!!!

  5. Lyn

    I love the nursery, it’s creative and really shows your personalities!! LOVE IT!

  6. Thanks for the nice post on my blog. I look forward to speaking with you about your process. Please email me and maybe we can compare notes. I’m new to the entire process and anything I can learn from another person who is also going through this, would be great.

    The room above is so sweet, I’m a huge fan of the orange and brown color palette and the blue is very complimentary.

    Let’s chat soon 🙂

  7. Lupe

    I can see all the love you have for that lucky child yet to be in your arms in every detail of that room. I need to have you come over to help me with my colors, girlfriend. God has everything planned out, don’t you forget that. In the meantime, let’s go shopping, yes?

  8. klarobinson215

    I just found your blog – I love your nursery! Etsy is very addictive!! I am a big browser – but once I settle on a nusery look I plan to go wild!

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