free giveaway!

andrew and i have been running around trying to get things in order before school starts next week. our social worker wrote a letter for us stating that it is imperative to have time to bond with j. in addition, we are going to see a therapist tomorrow morning who will also write a letter. yesterday andrew took him to the doctor. she told him that she was concerned that he was malnourished because he is only in the 5th percentile for weight. poor little guy. he does have a pretty good appetite, so hopefully he’ll put on the weight he needs. i also met with my sub yesterday and i feel great about him starting off with my classes. my plan is to go back mid-october. i still haven’t figured out the whole pay thing. i just might have to be “sick”. and anyway, my surgery is scheduled for september 12.

in cleaning out our guest room closet i came across something i bought about 10 years ago. a diaper bag. hmmm. totally forgot about this, and of course now i already have 2 more so….i want to give this one away. if you leave a comment, i will choose a random comment and send it to you. it is a kenneth cole basic black diaper bag. classic like the little black dress, ya know?

speaking of diaper bags, andrew took j out shopping with my stepson, christian, the other day. andrew started to take the very cute green flowered diaper bag i use with him. christian pretty much freaked out because he said that people in the mall would think that they were a couple that adopted this child. what did andrew do? he put all the diapers and wipes in a reusable grocery bag. ya, that’s stylish.

today marks the day that j is 16 months old. i think we should celebrate, don’t you? he has been with us for two weeks now. it’s also our puppy, bruno’s, birthday. he is still the baby in the house…

love this dog. every morning he shows such joy when he sees j’s face. he just licks his face over and over again until j laughs. they have become the best of friends…

have a wonderful weekend my friends! i am going to try to catch up on all your blogs this weekend. don’t forget to comment so i know you’re still out there, and so you can “win” the bag!



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7 responses to “free giveaway!

  1. I’m glad that you all are bonding. Also I think that you’re coming down with something that will last until say…mid October (hint hint). I’m still LOL at the guys thinking that using a shopping bag as a diaper bag makes them look more “manly”.

  2. Marcy

    pick me! pick me!

  3. Kelly P.

    i would love the bag…i hope it’s me!

  4. Lauren S.


    I got to see little J yesterday in the school office with Andrew. He is adorable and I even got to see a smile from him. I’m so happy for you guys and I’m happy you have this blog since I won’t get to see you next week I can still get updates. : )

  5. Emily S.

    Glad to hear the little guy is adjusting to your “farm”!

  6. miranda

    I really hope you get to use your sick days. The bureacratic tape is ridiculous. I will miss you until mid-October!

  7. Aw, it must be so cute to see the bond between the child and the dog-and yes, you should celebrate! My daughter just got a new kitten (even though we already have 3 big cats) and the bond between them is so cute, this little kitty came to us early and he thinks Deja is his mommy… glad to hear you are bonding as a family as well, enjoy these special times-I enjoyed reading your blog!

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