a miracle.

“however motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle.” valerie harper

this post from they grow in your heart completely sums up what i feel when someone asks me about “trying” to have a biological child when they know we are committed to adoption. as i get ready for my surgery for endometriosis tomorrow, andrew and i have to really discuss if we are going to pursue becoming parents biologically. the other day andrew said to me, “you were right.” (okay, he says that to me A LOT-wink, wink) when i asked him what he meant, he said that we didn’t need to have a biological child. he loved j more than he could imagine. to be honest, i do not feel and have never felt the need to be pregnant. i know some women do feel that way. i pray every night that we are allowed to adopt j, because after a month i truly feel like his mother. i feel a joy and a peace that is indescribable, feelings that i want to bottle up and save for any bleak times to come. 

as i’m writing this i’m thinking of ashley and her husband, who just got their first foster placement, a 7 week old baby boy. a miracle.

p.s. thank you to my brother, michael, and audrey (soon-to-be parents!) for the beautiful book in the picture above. i love it!



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5 responses to “a miracle.

  1. klarobinson215

    Best of luck tomorrow! Everything will go just fine. After remember to rest… and from the sounds of it you have a great new book to read!

  2. Ashley

    I’ll be praying and thinking of you tomorrow. I know the surgery will go well.

  3. miranda

    I’m praying for you. What a beautiful title for the book.

  4. audrey

    you are in our thoughts and prayers! we pray all goes well. glad you love the book, it’s perfect for you 🙂

  5. Thanks everyone! I will post soon!

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