a visit.

j’s social worker paid a visit last friday, and it went quite well. she told us about how we made her day when she dropped him off. she said that she makes decisions all the time about children that she’s not 100% sure about, but that she knew that he would be in good hands with us. then she said she called her husband on the way home from our house to tell him the story and that he cried, and that she’s not a religious person but that she will pray that we keep him. with the economy being so terrible her days are long. when things are bad, kids are the first victims. parents are stressed beyond belief and take it out on the little ones. i can’t imagine having her job. i don’t know if i could handle seeing such terrible bits of humanity on a daily basis.

i haven’t had the time to read through it yet, but this is a bill (H.R. 6893: Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008) related to foster care and adoption that was approved by the house and the senate.



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2 responses to “a visit.

  1. Darrow

    Hi, Kristine

    I pretty much inhaled your blog just now. Congrats on your August arrival! I’m looking forward to reading more.

  2. miranda

    I’m so glad you have J. I will continue to pray that he will stay with you two–permanently! 🙂

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