a viking life for me…

so i’m back at work as a viking, and you know what? it’s not bad. i actually have been enjoying being back. i missed my friends, but i also have some pretty cool kids. call me crazy. i actually like hanging out with teenagers. they are pretty random and entertaining. my first day back i heard, “i like your shoes” and “you have really white teeth”. they are so weird. i also learned interesting lingo that i’ll share at a later time. i really miss having the time to blog though. i miss all of you sooooo much!

our little one had a bout with diarrhea yesterday so his teacher called me pick him up. thank goodness my classes were already over, but she did inform me that he had to be symptom free for 24 hours. i freaked out. i had just started back and couldn’t take anymore time off, so andrew called in sick today. unfortunately dear hubby didn’t put his pajama bottoms on after changing his diaper last night so j took off his diaper and poop was everywhere. i looked at it this morning, closed the door, woke up andrew and instructed him to get to work! : )


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  1. Miranda

    Yay! Happy to have you back! 🙂

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