{weekend recap}

i am amazed at how different j is since he came to live with us. the past three months (can you believe it?) have been unbelievable. he has become this little person, and although he came to us with personality intact (and a great one at that!), he has grown by leaps and bounds. he says phrases now and makes us laugh on a daily basis. he already knows how to boss the dogs around (bad boy! and no!) and has made it clear that he knows how to flirt with every man, woman, child, and animal on this planet. there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t look at each other and say, with our words or just our eyes, how much we love this little boy. he’s just getting over a terrible flu, from no other than the flu shot, but today he was back to his old self.

i spent the weekend in watching this, listening to this (wow i heart her voice. she’s my new fave), shopping here and here (christmas shopping is almost done!) and crocheting j a little red scarf. so cal is having terrible wildfires right now, and my thoughts are consumed with the pain that those affected, people and animals, are feeling. our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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  1. Miranda

    I love Target and the Gap. If I ever win the $5000 gift card for answering their surveys, I will share the wealth with you! 🙂

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