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Protected: my husband is a good father.

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my husband likes to dance

and it is kind of  extreeemely entertaining.

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"to read a poem in january is as lovely as to go for a walk in june."



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anyone who knows me knows i love june far more than i love january.

january: cold, stressful (finals and getting grades done).

june: sunny, end of school year.

i’m sure my husband wishes i’d brag about him more (he quite likes attention, which is the total opposite of me). i just am not a braggart, but a woman certainly needs to do it every once in awhile, so here goes.

my husband writes me poetry.

not many people really know that, but he is a poet of love. every once in awhile he just whips one up and hands it to me in his beautiful penmanship (yes, he really does have lovely handwriting). 

exhibit a:


 lovely, isn’t it?

i love you husband.


{quotation by jean-paul sartre}


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the recession hits again.

another one of my favorite magazines is going under. another victim of the recession. march will be the last issue, and i will treasure it. so sad!

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my husband is really creative.

he created cards that anatomy students use.

he created cartoon characters to teach little kids about their muscles and bones and all that.

he created an interesting exercise contraption called the bun-shaper. {it’s true!} it even has a dvd videotape to accompany it.

he made our outdoor furniture and our pond with his own two hands.

he paints.

he draws.

he writes.

he’s super creative, and i love him.

thank you husband, for all your wacky and wild ideas.


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my husband makes me breakfast in bed

a lot.

he says he likes it.

and i do too.

j kind of likes it too.

he makes me

omelettes, hash browns, [fake] bacon, and toast. serves it on a tray. with a pretty cloth napkin. and sometimes a flower.

my husband is the king of breakfast in bed.

i love you husband, for all the love you put into my breakfast, which i think might be my favorite meal of the day.


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i think my husband is funny

when he watches random movies on the weekend.

last weekend it was teen wolf, ghost, and that thing you do.


it’s also kind of funny (even though it sometimes annoys me) when he watches this movie {for the life of me i can’t even say it} every single time it’s on.

i love you because you’re funny, husband.


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