let the waiting continue…

as per usual, a full day in court in reality means 1 1/2 minutes before a judge. husband waited for over two hours before being called in. b-mom arrived and judge ordered continuance until may.


another four months of bonding. another four months of not knowing. i’ve decided to just let it go. no use in worrying until closer to may.
j’s b-mom was able to visit with him for about ten minutes. it’s such a sad situation. i want her to turn things around, for his sake, so that he knows that his mom is okay, that she’s successful and safe, but of course i want desperately to offer him the life that we are capable of offering him, and sadly, what she’s not. she’s 17 and is bouncing around from place to place. it’s so sad, and what’s weird is that i teach kids her age. i know that most of my students, in the best of circumstances, are not capable of being a parent yet, and her situation is so far worse.
it surprised her that j didn’t recognize her, which surprises me, but perhaps she felt that he would instantly know his birth mother. according to husband she kept saying to j, why aren’t you talking to me? j had no idea who she was. she was polite to husband (thank goodness), but asked where his jewelry was. he did not come to us with jewelry. i thought it was an odd thing to notice, but that’s me.

the worst part? of course the continuance to may, but j’s lawyer asked why he was there. actually it was, why in the world did you bring him? um, because the social worker said the judge requested it. according to lawyer that wasn’t true. ugh. so confusing. we never know what goes on in the courtroom and everything is so fast. we don’t even know why it was continued to may. we have no voice. we are asked nothing. we left a message with the lawyer. please tell us what’s going on.


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