self portrait challenge.

here it is: self portrait #1 (and an extra). remember i made a commitment here? i cannot, however, commit to one picture a week. i’ve instead committed to at least one a month. it seems so egocentric, but i really, really want to learn to be happy with pictures of myself, and it’s good practice with my new big girl camera. still so much to learn. these pictures were taken within a couple weeks of getting the camera, a canon digital rebel. i hope to see an improvement in my photog skills.


hadn’t figured out the timer yet, so i used the mirror!


vintage-y effect is done on photoshop (another time-sucker because there’s so much to learn). j is hiding behind me.



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3 responses to “self portrait challenge.

  1. Miranda

    The pictures came out great! So professional! I would never have seen J. if you hadn’t pointed him out. 🙂

  2. Audrey

    pretty pics, kris 🙂

    btw, mahalo for the cool onesies for baby – we got them in the mail today. it’s his first official “bob marley” one – yay!

  3. Love the pics!! Your site is wonderful to look at 🙂

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