it's all about the husband this week.

last year i asked husband what do you want to do for your birthday?

just dinner with you and kids, he said.

so…a small dinner was planned at home. no fanfare.

fast forward to day after birthday.

i’m really bummed about my birthday, he says.

what? why?

because no one made a big deal out of it. i thought there would be surprise party or something.

lesson learned? do opposite of what husband says.

this week may bore you, dear readers, but i am going to fawn over my husband. i am going to attempt to make him feel so special that he will blush (a feat in itself). we’ll see.

so if you don’t want to read how much i love and adore this man, despite how much he drives me up the wall, please check back after february 2.


 {via le love}

p.s. i’m not doing birthday cards this year. let’s just say i’m helping the environment.


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