i heart tarjay: reason 2.

it’s true.

i really do.

it has been a long-standing love affair for quite some time.

in fact, because i am on a self-prescribed spending hiatus i gave strict instructions to husband that i was not to see the target weekly ad every Sunday, something that i peruse religiously in bed while dining on breakfast. oh no. it’s been three whole weeks since i took a gander at it. i even delete the weekly emails they send without opening them up. such will power!


i haven’t, however, banned myself from buying essentials (you know, it would be really hard to do without toilet paper).



i spotted this shampoo from bumble and bumble last time, and was so happy as I could only buy it from a hair salon prior. I use pantene most often, but the sort-of-pricey stuff every few days. It’s sort of like saving a really decadent dessert for the weekends. they even carry kiehl’s and origins as well.


my next reason? because tarjay marries style with affordability, something tr`es important for a teacher. tarjay has saved me from dressing in the stereotypical teacher fashion {read “comfortable” shoes and khakis}. i can actually buy a stylish outfit without breaking the bank.


these shoes are the ones recommended by many teachers online. ahem. i don’t think so.



and last but not least is because of the high-end designers partnering up with tarjay, and it’s not limited to clothing. next month they will feature orla kiely, a designer of home goods. i’m late in coming to this news. apparently it was all the buzz a couple of weeks ago in blogland. her designs are so cute. too bad they don’t match my home. : (


via sunset home.


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One response to “i heart tarjay: reason 2.

  1. Miranda

    Oh my gosh. Soooo cute! I was going to go to Target today to get some stuff, but I restrained myself. I get the ad via email every week. There was nothing really good this week anyway, except Silk Soymilk at $2.79 for half a gallon. Gotta go in for the chocolate one this Monday–day off! Yay!

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