and now back to j…

j is sick.


poor little guy. my heart just hurts for him. every time he gets a little cold it just sets off his asthma. he’s back on the nebulizer, but he’s finally used to it and just sits there and lets the medicine in.

in addition, he took a little spill at the park last weekend and chipped his tooth. we took him to a dentist today to have it checked out. there’s no real damage other than cosmetic, but the tooth will be gone eventually anyway. the dentist did try to smooth it down, but once j heard the machine he freaked so it was a no go. i’m kind of glad as the dentist’s office was a bit sketchy to me. we had to find one that took medi-cal since j can’t be on our insurance until we adopt him. the receptionist and assistant were totally rude and the dentist wasn’t too friendly either. hopefully the next time j visits a dentist he can see one of ours. {fingers crossed}

today j said “thank you” without any prompt when i handed him his cup. oh, it just melted my heart. andrew heard it too, and we just hugged each other out of happiness. amazing how these little things get you, huh?

i’ve had a couple emails from people interested in fost-adopt, and although i am no means any expert and am just learning myself, i will post soon about what i do know, and what we didn’t learn in our mapp classes.

happy thursday to you! two more to a three day weekend for us! woo-hoo!


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