frustrated with myself.


after a really great three-day weekend away i can’t bear to get back to reality. i am semi-depressed and extremely frustrated. can’t get myself to cook, clean, or do anything other than lie around in pajamas and watch mindless television.

when’s summer? someone at work reminded me that after this week there are 6 weeks, then spring break, then 6 weeks, then a long weekend, then a couple weeks and summer. wow. the reality is that i am actually loving teaching right now. we are reading two of my fave novels, lord of the flies and the great gatsby. love, love, love them. i am, however, bogged down in a pile of paperwork that only gets bigger every day. my students tell me to just stop assigning work. they are so thoughtful. : )


in addition, i am feeling like not such a great parent lately. j has taken to hitting, not other people, mind you, but himself, and it is driving me absolutely nuts. we had another counseling appointment yesterday and he went into full-mode tantrum, screaming and hitting himself. it was utterly confusing and embarassing all at once. i felt inadequate. 






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3 responses to “frustrated with myself.

  1. Hasn’t your counselor taught the child some coping skills?

    Deep breath through your nose. Slowly exhale. Count slowly to ten.

    It’s done wonders for our little four year old adopted son.

  2. klarobinson215

    I’m sure you are doing everything right – could this be a bit of the post adoption blues? I know you are fostering right now, but I’m sure it is the same. You are a GREAT PARENT! It is just a huge learning curve right? That is what I keep telling myself 🙂

  3. I’m sure it’s not anything to blame yourself about. You’re doing the right thing by taking him to counseling. I’ll keep you all in my prayers 🙂

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