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who says shopping for little boys isn't as fun?


when i spotted this little guy’s outfit on the sartorialist, i knew i had to try to replicate it for j.

fedora outfit
striped shirt,
converse one star,


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can't wait.

until october 16, when the spike jonze film where the wild things are comes out, adapted from the classic children’s book by maurice sendak.


this is one of our favorite books to read…so much so that i just had to buy this shirt when i was at the gap a few weeks ago.



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stylish camera bag.

found it! thanks to joi at nuestra vide dulce, i found the camera bag of my dreams: the kristine bag at tracy joy.



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a book for waiting.



love this adoption book. spotted on wide open spaces

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i have a shopping addiction.



{fergie guno sandal at piperlime}

i love shoes A LOT. i have been stalking these for awhile, and when i saw that they were on sale, i just HAD to get them. the first step is admitting you have a problem.


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dreaming of lanikai.



{via flickr}

that beach? that’s lanikai, one of my favorite beaches. lanikai means “heavenly sea” and it really is. it’s on oahu’s east shore in hawaii, and coastal living just featured it as its #1 most secret beach. thanks a lot. not so secret anymore. but really, if you visit oahu, you must go to this beach. you will love its white, soft sand and turquoise water, and will surely see some sea turtles, too!

a good portion of my family is on oahu right now, basking in the sun. i’m jealous. because they also get to visit with this little cutie:


kiss those chubby cheeks for me, will you?

i’ll be there in august. can’t wait!

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talk to yourself.


{via i can read}

all parents know that parenting can be hard. it’s so very rewarding, but at times, really, really hard. if you’re like me you tend to be hard on yourself sometimes. for those really, really hard days i like to look at this blog. it is chock full of letters that can help on days like this. the last letter posted was about what the writer would say to herself if she could look back some years:

“I would hug my 30-year-old self and tell her I love her. I really do love her. And then I would tell her one last thing:

You are better than you think you are.”

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