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miles of beach.

scenes from our camping trip to ventura:


our greeter (i just had to…he was too cute)



the walk to the beach


unbelievable. i have lived in southern california my whole life and i have never seen a beach in june without thousands of people on it. other than a handful of other families it was just us. pure bliss.



great camping with kids idea: my friend lupe brought cereal and pipe cleaners for the kids to make bracelets. it kept them occupied long enough for us to set up camp and then they ate their jewelry on our beach walk.



this was the view out our “window”. nice, no? it made up for the time we spent the better part of our trip listening to some guy next to us using morse code and saying “whiskey, alpha, baker” over, and over, and over. he was involved in some sort of radio contest.


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This week’s menu is based largely on the fact that we have loads of unused veggies from our camping trip and Alex’s birthday party. I cannot stand to waste food! In addition, the zucchini is coming in like crazy and our fig tree needs to be harvested BIG TIME (and I am new to figs). I’m always, always looking for good zucchini recipes, and would love to have some ideas for figs, so if you have any please email me or comment!

Monday-Alex’s birthday party: Andrew’s famous shrimp fajitas/beef fajitas, rice, beans

Tuesday-spinach fettucine with grilled vegetables, dessert: caramelized pineapples

Wednesday: stir fry veggies with rice

Thursday: corn pudding souffle with cilantro salsa (from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison), romaine hearts with parmesan and lemon vinaigrette

Friday: grilled salmon and asparagus with balsamic butter, grilled potatoes, dessert: caramelized figs with homemade vanilla bean ice cream

Salmon is a wonder food, people. It is low in calories, yet high in protein, and is full of the “good fats”, the omega-3s. And it’s really, really yummy.

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weekend fun.




after swim lessons we’re off for a weekend of camping with good friends at the location above. i haven’t been camping in a few years, and had forgotten how much darn work it is to get prepared. yikes. i was exhausted yesterday and we hadn’t even left yet. the good thing is, once we get there, we can’t do anything BUT relax.

hope your weekend is wonderful!

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orphan boycott.



via cara at my tori bug, i heard of the boycott on the movie orphan. at our fost-adopt support group last week we discussed this movie, and like the bad seed, this sends terrible messages about adoption, particularly for older children. there’s no way i’d ever see this movie anyway, but, if you’re into horror flicks, please boycott this one.

per cathy doheny’s article, the statement “it must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own” is included in the trailer. ridiculous.

see cara’s post for what you can do.


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things that delight me.

 this dress (among others) and this ring from shopruche. {sadly, the dress is no longer available in my size}





al fresco bathing anyone? {i saved this a while back and don’t remember the source}

a new gardening blog for me to peruse…


anarchy in the garden

food blogs…





a new book to read (after i finish crime and punishment)…


i voraciously read eat, pray, love last summer, and am so looking forward to gobbling this one up too.

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water boy.




j’s first day of swimming was on monday. we thought he might be terrified, but the only time he screamed was when we tried to get him OUT of the pool. hopefully, he’ll be swimming in no time…

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france-1, u.s.-0.

a french school menu posted by stephanie of stephmodo:



j’s school menu:


seriously, which would you rather have?

i know many americans don’t want to hear it, but the food cannot be compared. the american school lunch system needs a major overhaul. j’s menu isn’t all that bad compared to what kids are eating when they are left to their own devices (when i get them in high school) .and if this isn’t proof enough for you, come to my first period where you’ll see what american kids are having for breakfast: snickers and rock star drinks. no kidding.


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