the menu.


i know. i know. you are tired of my menus, but i promise once work resumes in september i will no longer have time to do this. i just, well, i have a fascination with menus in general. rather than gambling in vegas (or when traveling anywhere else for that matter) i like to walk around and study the menus at all of the restaurants. i think soon i will result to thievery of said menus. i also obviously am enthralled with pictures of food, and reading recipes. i read cookbooks with the same gusto that i read fitzgerald.  i made a commitment to food this summer, so i will continue posting my menus each week this summer, except for during our vacation of course!

monday: cedar plank salmon and summer squash gratin (i love, love, love cedar plank. you must go out and buy one immediately! they are great for anything, including veggies)

tuesday: fish tacos, spanish rice, black beans, homemade strawberry sorbet

wednesday: pasta with simple tomato sauce (we are sort of busting at the seams with tomatoes from our garden), sliced fruit with sweetened creme fraiche

thursday: tomato salad, green herb frittata

friday: red pepper pesto on crostini, sweet corn risotto

wednesday through friday recipes are from a great book called the new vegetarian epicure.



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2 responses to “the menu.

  1. Ashley

    I actually like seeing your menus. I’ve been debating getting a cedar plank so I think I’ll have to go ahead and do it now. Also can you post or email the recipe for your fish tacos. I made them once before and they were yummy.

    Also does J eat what you all eat? I’m just wondering how you get a kid to eat so healthy and well.

  2. klarobinson215

    Do you know you eat way too well 😉 Kidding – thanks for the inspiration!

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