my {easy} diy: pineapple.

i love pineapples. i love their juicy sweet taste. i love that they are the symbol of hospitality. i love how olivia judson discusses the pineapple in this article

perhaps i am already transporting myself to somewhere tropical.

remember this house and its decorative pineapple?

it inspired me to take one out of hiding and give it a makeover.



it was ready to be given away. have you ever given away something and then regretted it? i would have felt this way about my pineapple.

i have a lot of projects on my to-do list. i thought i’d start small.

pineapple…check. now off to deal with a tricky chair…



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2 responses to “my {easy} diy: pineapple.

  1. Miranda

    So chic and creative! 🙂

  2. i made upside down pineapple cake for desert tonight. this would look great on my table as i serve it 🙂

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