things that delight me.

next big purchase in the red house is a new couch. we are OVER our couches, although they’ve been very, very good to us.


i am really digging on the white vinyl couch from trick my brick. with 4 dogs and 1 kid i would love a couch that i just wipe clean. if you live in the greater los angeles or orange county area and see a couch with these lines about to be trashed, hey, shoot me an email. : )


this light from door sixteen. that light it casts is just gorgeous, no?


these pretties from inglenook decor, a shop i first spotted on twoellie.





not only that, but maureen’s blog is full of fabulous decorating advice. just my style, in her words, “the charm of a french cottage and the fresh feel of an urban loft”. ummmm. yes!

and anthropologie is killing me with their enticing emails…


{zinnia dress…sadly not on my back-to-school list since i can’t justify the price}


{i love the cap sleeves and the fluidity of this one}


{moulinette soeurs dress}


{fey grove dress…also can’t justify although i love}


{inky quills dress}


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  1. katd1011

    Oh my goodness, now I need to redecorate my entire house AND get a new wardrobe. 🙂 I love that light, especially!! My husband thanks you for all the money I will now spend!

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