back to menu-planning. last week was recovery time from vacation, and there were a lot of sporadic mealtimes, breakfast at 10 or 11 a.m., lunch at 3, dinner at 8, sometimes even 9. talk about summer living! i have to be extra diligent in planning our time from now on, as football season is here, and i’m pretty much going it alone when it comes to the food in the house. during the fall i try to keep it simple, very formulaic, but not enough that it doesn’t allow for some creativity. we follow some version of the following:

sunday: big family dinner, hopefully with plenty of leftovers. sometimes it’s bbq, or roast chicken for the boys and sides for me, or lasagne. the most time-intensive meals are left for this day as there’s time to devote to them.

monday: homemade pizza

tuesday: tacos

wednesday: pasta

thursday: breakfast for dinner, which is usually omelettes or frittatas, sometimes even pancakes

friday: one pot meal (i.e. chili or crockpot)

this week:

monday: pizza with eggplant, peppers, and goat cheese

tuesday: soy tacos (we use this mix), rice, beans

wednesday: pasta with pesto sauce, broccoli, eggplant, and squash

thursday: grilled salmon, potatoes, grilled eggplant (are you sensing a theme here? we are up to our ears in eggplant from the garden. so good.)

friday and saturday: dinner out to celebrate summer’s end!


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