renovations at the red house.


i don’t speak of our renovations much because, well, it would be like talking about brushing my teeth every day. it’s just something that is a fact of life, a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly occurrence that just is.


we have lived in our home 5 years this august, and it’s dramatically changed during that time, however, since my computer crashed last year, most of the fruits of our labor in the way of before and after pictures are now lost in the internet universe, never to be found again.

you can say our house is famous in the neighborhood. if i meet someone farther away in our tract, all i have to say is i live in the red house on the corner, and everyone, and i mean everyone, knows exactly what house that is.  it’s been called the barn (being that color red)  and the cat house (having once housed 20+ indoor cats). its former occupant was an elderly woman who lived for 50+ years in the house and told me upon our placing an offer on the house, that there was a lot of love in that house and to fill it up with just as much love.  it was a mess. a total and complete mess, and yet despite all the work that had to be done we loved it and saw much potential.

our first task was to work on the floors, for those cats pretty much did their thing wherever they wanted. yuck. we cleaned up everything and refinished the wood floors. we also ripped out three layers of groovy gold linoleum and put in wood flooring, which is something i hope to never, ever do again. our last room to tackle as far as floors was our bedroom, and i’m happy to announce it’s now done. yay!




now to tackle the 500+ renovations. yikes.


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  1. wow! they look awesome! want to see more!

    can totally relate. we did the same thing to a 1910 home we owned before we adopted. spent many-o-non working moments redoing the whole thing. glad we did it but never again. next time we will hire out 🙂

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