when your kid doesn't eat dinner.

what do YOU do when your kid doesn’t eat the dinner you make? sometimes i don’t do anything differently. i try to serve at least one thing that i know j will love, whether it be the main dish or the side. i refuse to be a short order cook, but…when there’s enough ingredients out and about to make something that he’ll LOVE, i do, but only occasionally.

our kid loves panini…okay, okay, i know it’s just a fancy word for grilled cheese, but when it’s this good it needs a fancy word.

j loves pesto….and cheese. a boy after my own heart.

so recently i’ve been using the grilling machine as a panini press, and it’s fabulous.


the trick to this, though, is the bread, and i’ve been making this rosemary bread in my bread machine. you could use any good rustic bread, though, but if you do have a bread machine i’d say you have to try it. sometimes i put it in before bed and it literally wakes us up in the middle of the night because the smell is SO good.

i just spread some homemade pesto on the bread, add fresh mozzarella and grill it. for andrew and myself i sometimes add grilled eggplant, sliced tomatoes, really anything that fancies you. last week i served these sandwiches with some homemade tomato soup. yum. the perfect comfort food combo, no?



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