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things that delight me.



this monogram wreath project from design*sponge. and it’s my initial! i’m so doing this.


record player and albums in neryl walker’s home, also via design*sponge. i could kick myself for getting rid of mine.


framed hearts via madebygirl.


new dog bed duvets. ours are from molly mutt. i found them via madebygirl. if you order by tomorrow (sorry for the late notice) check out the coupon code here for a 10% discount. i can’t say enough about these. you just fill them up with old clothing, sheets, etc. and you’re good to go. very environmentally friendly!


 this diy wreath at the cb2 blog.

stella mccartney

and last, but not least. stella mccartney’s new line of children’s clothing for the gap. love, love, love.


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you know you’re a mother when you feel some sort of guilt, right? i’ve been grappling with this lately, as work comes piling in and i struggle to keep our house together and our family fed literally and metaphorically. since school has started i’ve tried my best to put good, wholesome meals on the table as i did all summer, and feeling guilty when i fell short. food is important to me anyway, but since getting j, it’s become more so, as he came to us undernourished over a year ago.

i can attest to the amazing attributes that good food has for a growing child, especially one that has come from a less-than-desirable background. i’ve had to surrender, however. the pressure is too great. i know the importance of local, sustainable, organic, etc., etc. but something’s gotta give right now. i’m seeking help from pre-made meals, and that’s that. trader joe’s and costco, i love you. we’re still eating healthily, just not everything from scratch as we did in the summer.

food isn’t the only thing i’ve had to lighten up on. i am a perfectionist, and it’s more often than not a fault, rather than a good thing. i made my own birthday cake.

yes, you heard it. i love to bake, no one else around here does, and i hate store-bought cakes, so there you have it. it wasn’t a problem for me, so i don’t see the problem other people had with it when i told them this. anyway, j wanted to help me frost the cake, and if you know the typical work of a 2-year-old in baking, you can imagine it wasn’t the prettiest thing you’ve seen. i let it happen though, despite my wincing faces behind his back, because i know it’s important to have j help. he had fun doing it, and it was precious to see his pride in making his mom a cake. in my head i planned to just whip up another one, perfect in every way, but something happened. i looked at the finished product and decided that it was simply the most beautiful cake i had ever seen. and there you have it. a perfectionist not quite reformed, but getting there, realizing that i am human, and that i could be proud, too, because i saw a beautiful mess.



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{cooking club}: pumpkin strata.




i’m sort of obsessed with this blog. and jaime and jacinda have created a project list for me that is a mile-long. no kidding. every time i look at prudent baby i have to run to michael’s to buy all sorts of crafty tools. but i digress. back to food. they also post recipes sometimes, and last week when i saw this one i knew i had to try it asap. so behold the pumpkin. it’s not only beautiful to look at, but it’s pretty dang tasty, too. and it was a hit all around. you must try. i’m doing it again for halloween. and maybe thanksgiving. i’m sort of obsessed.

get the recipe and how-to here.

p.s. jaime’s 500 pieces of prudent advice for my baby daughter is worth checking out, too.


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yum: homemade vanilla.


it’s no secret i love baking, so there is always a steady supply of vanilla around these parts. at my cupcake class a few weeks ago, the store owner pulled out her homemade vanilla. i was floored, only to find out directions are all over the internet. i won’t go back, people, and if you try this you won’t either. have a bad day? pull out your homemade vanilla and take a whiff. all will be right with the world for awhile.

vanilla how-to

1 bottle of dark rum (the store owner recommended whaler’s rum at trader joe’s, $9.99)

4-5 vanilla beans

1 jar (i found inexpensive jars at ikea and cost plus)

pour rum into a cleaned and sterilized jar with a sealed closing. add beans and refrigerate. vanilla will keep indefinitely. you can also scrape some of the beans and stick them back in the jar. yum.

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{bits from} the weekend.


{our beautiful cat, chelsea. we call her our halloween cat.}

not very exciting, but that suits me just fine. no meltdowns at all. not. one. j was the perfect date on friday night. a visit to ikea for frames was fun for the both of us. j is CRAZY for their  swedish meatballs and had 2 kid-size servings. and kids ate free, not that their food breaks the bank anyway. then a carousel ride at our favorite mall with grandma, dinner for the adults, and home where we cuddled in bed while daddy was at a football game. saturday was spent with mistee and sunday was spent baking and cooking an early thanksgiving meal (andrew and i were salivating the other night planning the holiday and decided that we needed a pre-holiday fix). we are excited for halloween, and best of all, we sign adoption paperwork this week. one. more. step. closer.


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red , green, and purple: last harvest.




the last of our summer tomatoes and eggplants. i would truly believe summer was over,but we’ve had temps in the 80s and 90s. makes for uncomfortable days in fall tights. have a wonderful weekend!

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things that delight me.


{moving on via i can read}


{i want this in my home, via uncharted odyssey}






{elisa carlucci home via design*sponge}


{this outfit from anthropologie. oh, i love everything about it}


{my mustard purse. i love you. you hold diapers, wipes, wallet, cars, crayons, and my big camera. and do it well.}


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