we’ve been ready for a couple weeks. we’re kind of crazy about halloween around here, you know. those pictures on the wall are spooky pictures. they remind me of the haunted house at disneyland since they change from people to skeletons. j isn’t scared of them at all, just in case you were wondering and wanted to go on a tirade like the lady shopping near me at michael’s who said that she didn’t understand why people with little kids liked to put up spooky decorations. i told the lady to “lighten up”. (well i did in my head anyway)




this was an easy project. i just spray painted a wreath and two small birds black and added a black bow.


we switch out the chinese lanterns under our arbor for plastic jack-o-lanterns.



hope you’re able to get into the “spooky” mood, too! have a lovely, lovely weekend!


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  1. fun!! i love how spooky it is! that wreath is awesome! great idea!! that lady needs to mind her own business…lol.

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