true story: when i was 10 i accompanied my uncles to the dump to drop off furniture. when i saw the piles of junk i thought to myself, “where does all this stuff go?”. it seriously bothered me. such a little environmentalist, although my family probably thought i was a little weirdo. things like that still bother me, so i try to recycle whatever i can. everything in our living room except the couches are others’ castoffs. you know what they say…one man’s junk…yada, yada, yada.

not a hard diy project, but i’m quite proud of saving something else from the landfill and repurposing it. andrew found a couple of chairs streetside and brought them home. one’s been serving as a time-out chair for j in our living room. i sanded it, primed it, and painted it white, then recovered it in a pretty vinyl, which will wipe up kid messes easily.








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  1. Miranda

    You are sooo talented! You could even sell stuff like that on Craigslist or a garage sale!

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