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{bits from} the week.

a few more things i am grateful for…

{a relaxing week off}

{projects completed. thank you again prudent baby!}

{a garden that won’t stop giving. this time it’s bananas…i never, ever thought the tree would really give!}

{baking thanksgiving pies for family. i am grateful that we have food to share with others.}

{a good home. period. but it’s nice to be all decked out for the holidays, too.}

{the means to give presents. and, yes, they are all wrapped and ready to go.}

{my family. i am truly blessed. this is j trimming his own little tree in his room.}

{signing the all-important adoption paperwork. one step closer to being official, people!}

and you…the blogging community. you are generally a quiet bunch, but i know that you’re out there. my sitemeter tells me you are reading from ALL OVER THE WORLD. i am amazed and grateful for you. if you could just say hi sometime this month i would love it!

i hope this holiday season is a joyous, blessed one for you! i’ve been learning a lot recently that has been adding to my appreciation of the season. i’ll share more later…


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grateful for…weekends.

{image via toast}

a relaxing, meditative weekend, with a slight chance of showers…actually a whole week off! (we start school earlier than most in so. cal. to have this week off…so worth it, i tell you!)

tonight may or may not be the end of football season for us. it’s bittersweet. we want andrew’s team to win of course, but then…there’s the possibility of all this extra time with him again…

hope that you have a lovely, relaxing weekend, too, before we stuff ourselves on thursday!

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{things that} delight me.

there are just too many things in blogland that delight me right now, but here are a few…

{baby animals via unruly things}

{dessert night/recipe swap party idea via tangled and true}

{chore chart by modeco kids via apartment therapy}

{grab bags for those less fortunate-a great teaching tool for our kids-via wide open spaces}

{coulson macleod prints via design sponge}

{and this sneak peek via design sponge}

and, yay!, a new baby for the daddy diaries

good stuff, no?

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grateful for…good news from ashley.

ashley is a foster mom like me, and i have followed her journey for awhile. she and her husband had a scare this week and thought for sure that their son would be taken away very soon. i thought about them all day yesterday and my heart was broken, but i prayed and prayed, as did they and others who know them and who know of them.

and guess what? God answered prayers.

simply amazing. now i’m crying from joy!

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grateful for…dogs sunning in the window.


we seriously have the kindest, gentlest (sometimes most mischevious) dogs around. and they just adore each other (most of the time).

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the gratitude tree.


simple and easy. take any branch, and have loved ones fill out tiny cards of what they are grateful for. a little reminder of what’s important in the midst of the holiday rush, no?


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checking in.

i have been having major internet issues at home, so posting will be light, but i did want to check in and tell you about a great class offered at jessica sprague. it’s free, too! the catch is that registration ends tonight – Monday night, 11:59 PM EST.


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