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of course we knew that adopting from the foster care system would be hard. it would be long. it would be heart-breaking at times. boy does it test your patience. i think adoption of any kind does that, but fost-adopt is unique in its own way. at different times we’ve just thrown up our hands saying, “are you kidding me? what else could happen?” and then it does. every time we’ve expected something to happen it hasn’t, so not a whole lot surprises us now.

the reason i don’t update about our adoption of j is basically because nothing new has happened. and the sad part? our state is one of the “quickest” to want to place children in permanent loving homes. so that means that thousands of children around the country just linger for a very long time in foster care. so despite it being heart-wrenching, if you are in any position to give a child a permanent home, or even a temporary one, then please consider it.

in the meantime, i apologize for the heavy posting on food. it is fall, however, and food and cooking is a form of entertainment around here. that and decorating, and maybe a little fashion, but decorating and fashion cost more money than food, so there you have it. oh wait there’s gardening. maybe i’ll post about my garden. i don’t know, but i am uninspired and a little jealous of some of your blogs. anyway, if you’re here about adoption, do check back later. if you’re here to listen to a crazy woman ramble, then thank you for listening.

we were supposed to sign adoption paperwork last week, but some paperwork from sacramento was delayed so now we wait a couple more weeks. of course. people ask me all the time, “how do you do it?” let me tell you what gets me through it: FAITH. plain and simple. i know that some of you might not believe in a higher being, but i do. big time. i believe that j was meant for us. i believe that God brought him to us. and i have faith that God will bring us another child (and maybe another one). i have no idea how many children we are meant to parent, but i know God does.

and if you really want to see how faith plays a role in adoption, see love’s story about adoption here. you’ll want to follow their journey for sure. and see here for katie’s work in uganda. truly amazing what faith can do.


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