j is still a bit young to totally understand the idea of an advent calendar, but he’s loving that he gets to open a box every day to see what’s inside!

the first week was filled with so-not-creative no-sugar lollipops since we were busy party-planning, but this past weekend i finally got it together to add some meaningful things to the mix.

the holidays class i recently took had us list all the activities that we’d like to do in the month of december. i basically just typed those activities on cardstock and cut them out. very easy. next year, however, i think i’m going to print them out on super cute labels like dandeedesigns.

other days include a treat coupon that i downloaded from jenn. super easy and andrew and i could decide on a healthy treat for j.

but loads and loads of ideas can be found here.



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3 responses to “advent.

  1. how fun! i love the coupon idea! that is great. i was telling my husband that i wanted to do an advent when we have our little one..but would hate to just fill it with candy. great ideas!!

  2. so much fun. my son would go gaga for lollipops. they are his absolute fave.

  3. love the idea! i have been searching for ideas for an advent calendar

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