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rest in peace. j.d. salinger.


“what really knocks me out is a book, when you’re all done reading it, you wished the author who wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it.”

i am mourning j.d. salinger.

now i’ll never have that call…


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olive juice.


until tomorrow, olive juice is having a $15 clearance event. oh, if i only had a girl…

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keep calm.

i have this print. i think everyone and her sister has this print, too. great minds think alike.

cb2 has a great rug to match…

go for it? or too much?


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39 before i’m 40.

{i want this print: paris is a feeling, found via oh, hello friend}

{i want this one, too: i love new york}

i did it.

39 before I’m 40 

  1. learn to sew
  2. shoot 100% manual on my camera
  3. play with my Holga
  4. do the mud run
  5. take family photos
  6. adopt J
  7. start the process for another baby
  8. add to our vinyl collection
  9. get back into yoga
  10. plan an amazing adoption party
  11. make bread without the bread maker
  12. make s’mores from scratch (marshmallows and graham crackers)
  13. sponsor another child
  14. renovate our guest room
  15. take in the Getty…again
  16. collage a picture
  17. create a photo book of just my pictures of random things
  18. learn to digitally scrapbook
  19. spend a night at the Hotel Del Coronado
  20. take a camping trip
  21. go berry or apple picking
  22. run through a field
  23. go to a spa
  24. write a letter
  25. go to Hawaii
  26. go to New York again
  27. travel outside of the country
  28. go to Disneyland sans kids so we can ride the big kid rides
  29. introduce J to sushi
  30. go to the Rose Bowl flea market
  31. buy a new coffee table
  32. buy a new couch
  33. random act of kindness for a neighbor
  34. improve veggie garden
  35. take J to Wild Animal Park
  36. swim in the Pacific Ocean (15 minutes away and i hardly ever do this)
  37.  have a no-tech week
  38. make a scrapbox
  39. strengthen my relationship with God


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lesson learned.


i learned that i can’t live without my organizer. silly, silly girl. put in an order right away, since, in the span of a week, i missed a hair appointment and forgot to call in for jury duty. yikes. will for sure get organized this weekend.

have a lovely weekend yourself!



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things that delight me, and keep my mind off the real terrible stuff that’s going on in the world.


{small home secrets  and using secondhandfinds via sunset}

{meryl streep’s character’s home, inside and out, in the film it’s complicated. and the garden. and the store. let’s just say that i would see the movie again just to look at the aesthetic details.}

{hopscotch rug at cb2}

{heart macarons, spotted on party perfect}

 and, last but not least…

this pretty picture…

{don’t remember where i first saw this, but via nature55}


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i’ve been feeling somewhat down lately. to see so much suffering right now is just too overwhelming. i know that suffering such as we’ve seen in haiti since the earthquake is, unfortunately, commonplace in so many other areas of the world, but at times it’s just too much to take. i feel, for lack of a better word, guilty.

i have a job, and a good one. i work with kids, have A LOT of freedom to be creative in teaching them, have A LOT of vacation, have health insurance paid for, work with supportive parents.

i have a home, warm and dry and comforting. my solace in times of chaos. we own our home. we have not lost our home likes scores of others.

i have a family. i have a loving and supportive husband, a warm extended family, and little boy whom i cannot imagine life without.

and other things that i have, so often taken for granted…

clean water every day to drink and clean myself with

food. i have the luxury to eat out, to have someone cook for me and serve me occasionally. i sometimes don’t finish what i eat, and therefore waste food. i have, many times, spent $4 on a coffee, when so many others live on less than $1 a day.

clothes and shoes. and the freedom to even choose what i wear based simply on what fancies me at that moment.

money to spend on non-essentials. i spent $4 today on a magazine, a magazine that i didn’t even think twice about buying. simply bought it because i didn’t finish the article i was reading while waiting in line.

i have so much, yet take so much for granted, and this guilt brings me to tears. but it also moves me to take action. i have made humble and small gifts of money. yet it never seems enough. i heard someone say on the news that although the response to help has been overwhelming, that it is in three months, when ambivalence from the outside world is likely to set in, that haitians will really need help. i am scheduling a post three months from now as a reminder to myself, and hopefully you, too, to again contribute to the efforts to help haiti.

my heart literally aches every time i hear about the haitian orphans. i want to bring home 1, 5, 20. to see them makes me hurt. andrew contacted someone involved with haitian adoption. we have not been married long enough to qualify, but have been told that this may change. i can only pray that their plight will bring awareness to the need for adoption. i hope that many will consider adoption, domestically or internationally. i hope that hearing their stories will move people to help 1 of the millions of orphans around the world.

most of all, i pray to God, that He will help me do my best, be my best, and be always, always thankful for what He has given me.


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