having many moments lately where j makes me meltdown, then meltdown. what’s the difference, you ask?

meltdown number one is the kind where my child does something very naughty (i.e. scream at the top of his lungs in a restaurant or throw toy plane across to other diners, or,{ gasp}, repeat an unsavory word overhead from his father).

 meltdown number two emerges in various forms, all while this mother is disciplining aforementioned child (so, yes, picture me with a very stern face, probably looking down at and probably sticking my “you are being naughty” finger towards the child). he likes to say:

“i like your shirt, mommy!”

“smile, mommy!”

“i love you! are you happy?”

and the newest…

“you’re a sweetheart!”

 meltdown number two is also called a meltdown because it melts this mother like butter. not that fake kind of butter that slooooooowly melts and tastes like melted artificial something.

this is  the creamy, churned to perfection butter that just gets you. the one that makes you say OMG! (i really don’t ever say OMG, but you get the point).

this butter is smoooooooth.


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