the span of a day {read between the lines}.

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do you know what today is? today is tomorrow. it happened-bill murray, groundhog day

a work day.

{i have a job!}

rise and shine.

{it’s sunny california.}

get ready.

{time to be creative with what i have. kind of fun.}

help get j ready.

{kisses and hugs on a good morning.}


{i love a good bagel.}

load up car.

{car runs well. no worries like in the “old days”.}

drop off j.

{j loves school and his teachers.}

work. teach and grade. teach and grade. teach and grade.

{teens are hilarious. i teach what i love. i love my friends at work. lunchtime is fun. i get to eat lunch with my husband.}

pick up j.

{kisses and hugs and excitement.}

run errands.

{grrrrr. thinking…}

make dinner. eat.

{we love good food, and have the means to have it!}

bathtime. bedtime.

{kisses and hugs, and mostly no tears.}

make coffee for morning.

{the anticipation of having coffee ready-made makes me sort of happy.}

make lunches.

{i get really happy during 4th period when i know i have a good lunch to look foward to.}

set out clothes.

{makes for a no-stress morning.}

blog/read. tv.

{laugh. look at pretty pictures. talk to friends.}


{i love my bed.}

do you ever feel like bill murray in groundhog day? sometimes i do. but when i read between the lines life is pretty beautiful.


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  1. oh i love this!!! your glass is for sure 1/2 full!

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