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oh poo.


hello. me again. undecided, fickle, totally random me. blogging has not been a priority. obviously. still struggling, and wondering why. am i happy? yes, totally, utterly happy. just working on balancing it all, work, wifeyhood, mommyhood, loved ones’ health problems, and me. we are in the midst of potty training, and for one reason or another are experiencing a setback. today my little one, refused, REFUSED, to advise anyone that he needed to use the potty. he had three accidents at school, and i spoke with a very distressed teacher who says he will not communicate to them when he needs to use the potty, or even when he needs any help at all. he is the last of his class to “move out” of the potty training room, so basically i feel like a failure as a parent right now. but….am working on a plan.


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music that makes me happy.

do you ever listen to something that instantly transports you to a happy, happy place? i really heart the 80s band squeeze, and am thrilled that they’re back on tour.

now if they will only come to the u.s.

now then, i will be really over the moon.

have a lovely weekend!

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eating this up.

have watched this twice. just letting it settle in. she is one of my all-time favorite writers, and could be because sometimes, just sometimes, we read someone’s work that just resonates with us because of the place we are in. am still struggling with getting things done, having the desire to focus on one freaking thing at a time, and pretty much sucking at everything. please, spring, bring new life to my creativity for anything…

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i’m hooked.

on jamie oliver’s food revolution. i love his passion to help change school food in america.

sign the petition here.


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i am in the midst of teaching my all-time favorite novel, the great gatsby, meaning i am living, breathing, dreaming fitzgerald…

clothes inspired by gatsby….

black silk drop-waist dress

and another

and the quintessential cloche hat is a must, no?

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it’s that time…


spring is here! time to sow seeds. good tips via design sponge

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looking forward.


to some sunshine.

daylight savings time change.

sleeping in.

getting back in the kitchen.

getting back in the garden.


spring break (15 school days left!).

have a lovely, lovely weekend!



(source of picture unknown. if you know, drop me a line please.)


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