slow and easy.



this is me lately. i have no idea why. i think it’s a combination of the weather, illness (we’ve all been sick at one point or another over the last month), and the fact that i’m drowning in my work. i literally do not feel like i have any time for ME, and it’s making me nuts.

the longer i stayed away from zest, the more daunting the task felt to get back to blogging.

 i just couldn’t do it. i didn’t have anything to say (not even about the materialistic pretty things i like to blog about sometimes), so why bore you with writing that JUST IS?

so i’m trying to get back to it slow and easy. because it’s good for me. it helps me focus on what’s beautiful in life, even the everyday mundaneness of it all. so this week it might be pretty things i’ll talk about, but it’s a start, no?



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