spring break (update with no pictures. boo).

let’s catch up, shall we?

easter: low key. family had obligations elsewhere, so we met my mom for dinner at a lebanese restaurant. yum, and j totally digs the food, too. such a worldly eater, that one.

spring break: taxes (i guess i’m a real adult now. second year in row that we have to pay. boo). cleaning out closets and dropping off donations. cleaning up the backyard (getting ready for warm weather! yeah!). disneyland. naps. oh yeah, and two home study interviews. i’d say that our new social worker is quite familiar with us. will have to update the types of questions that are asked for any of you interested in the process. the earth happened to shake, too.

way too tired (read: lazy) to upload pictures yet. one step at a time friends.

have a great week!

p.s. if you are are somewhat of a regular reader, and since i am such an irregular poster, but you’d like to remain loyal anyway, and maybe light a fire under me to post regularly, why not subscribe? see how to the left. yes, over there.



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2 responses to “spring break (update with no pictures. boo).

  1. you just reminded me that I have to clean out our drawers, ugh.

  2. Miranda

    pictures! pictures! please! 🙂

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