happy birthday to the best boy ever.


thank you,  thank you, thank you little man, for being the best and cutest boy ever (you say this sometimes)! i couldn’t have dreamed up a little guy like you. i love you more than all the stars in the sky. xoxo

love forever,



t.v. show: the backyardigans, north shore has a permanent spot on our dvr, too…don’t ask…i’ve seen this movie about a million times

song: “lady gaga”

pasttime: going to the park, riding his bike, riding his skateboard, and riding his surboard (which means taking pretty much anything and pretending he’s surfing on it)

friends: payton, jase, frankie, and carson

dance move: breakdancing

school “subject”:  reading books

chores: recycling 

food/drink: meatballs, pineapple juice

animal: not just one…j loves all 4 dogs, gatsby, zoe, duke, and bruno…but he’s been especially close to gatsby as of late since gatsby has had an “owie” on his nose

things j did this year: two trips to AZ, one trip to hawaii, disneyland, knott’s berry farm, the aquarium

last year’s tribute is here.



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3 responses to “happy birthday to the best boy ever.

  1. Miranda

    Such a cutie! Happy birthday J! Love you!!! 🙂

  2. love your post and love that you get to post his picture this yr too for all of us to see!

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