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the funniest thing has happened. my boy is obsessed, full blown obsessed, with surfing. do daddy or i surf???? no. absolutely not. we have an affinity for the beach, fer sure, but neither one of us surfs.

we are feeding this new love in every way we can, however, so… j has a subscription to surfing magazine and religiously watchs north shore every. single. day (minus a couple scenes not meant for a 3-year-old that we fast-forward through). oh yeah, and he practices in the bathtub.

yup, folks, i pretty much have this movie down scene for scene, almost word for word. and j will definitely tell you that he is not a barney.


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roller coaster.


yup. we’re doing it again. we are currently in the midst of our second home study for one (or two) more kidlets. a boy or a girl will do. we figure that if we were to conceive we couldn’t choose, so why try with adoption? i have to say, this waiting period is so much easier since i have my hands full with j, but….a roller coaster nonetheless…

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awesome kid lunch ideas on goop

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man i ♥ before and afters.


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had an amazing mother’s day weekend. foot massage. lots of honey-Dos crossed of the list. brunch (with champagne), and loads and loads of relaxation. heaven.

the best part of all? my son. period. he is beyond anything that i ever dreamed of motherhood. still amazed that God chose ME to mother him.

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