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big man. little man.

it’s so hard isn’t it? being a mommy? you’re constantly trying to teach your little one skills to help them be independent, but at the same time long for them to just stay little. how confusing it must be! what a big boy you are! then two seconds later, will you stop growing please?

we took j out of school one day before we let out so he could spend the day with grandma and his auntie and uncle. he laid in our bed while we got ready, was served “room service” , then i sat down next to him. today mommy and daddy are going to school but you get to lay here and watch t.v. for a little bit. eyes as large as saucers and, really? he was over. the. moon.

we’ve been trying to get into a routine.  sleep in. breakfast. play. nap. etc. etc. (did he really think staying home with mom and dad meant NO nap? really?). we’ll get there by week’s end i’m sure.

as for summer…here is j’s wish list of things to do:

1. pick seashells

2. pick up crabs

3. get a blue bucket and dig

4. disneyland

5. surf

6. go on a submarine and go underwater

hmmm…easy. check. check. check. most can be done at the beach, and we have disneyland passes. as for the submarine…that’s easy too. they have one of those at the happiest place on earth. cool, huh?

that bird pic? by me. that’s papa bird, who is on his second brood of the season (it’s so darn easy for some to have babies, huh?). we have spent oodles of time watching the babies grow and fly away.


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berry pie.



i used this recipe, except i used blackberries (and only 3 cups since that’s what i had on hand) and used butter instead of margarine (i think margarine is grooooossss). i also sprinkled the top of the pie with additional sugar and cinnamon. oh and i cheated and used prepared pie crust, but i did use fresh nutmeg and cinnamon so that evens out, no?

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what we ate.

now that i have the time it’s back to menu planning. trying something new (inspired by other bloggers) by posting what we ate (instead of what we are planning to eat), since things change at a moment’s notice in the summer.

sunday: spaghetti and meatballs, salad, crusty bread, berry pie, and vanilla ice cream.

monday: leftovers.

tuesday: eggplant mozzarella, lentil and bean salad (my pic above).

wednesday: carne asada tacos (black bean tacos for me), spanish rice (pictured below).

thursday: take-out pizza.

friday: eating out.

saturday: bbq’d burgers, garlic corn-on-the-cob, baked beans.

sunday: leftovers.

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in real life: the venting post.


i like to escape to blogland, where most everything is pretty, but sometimes real life just hits you in the face, huh?

summer kicked off with a bang. literally. coming back from a dentist appointment (while i was thinking of how my dentist told me i had great teeth) i was rear-ended on the freeway. that’s what i get for being vain, i guess. i was the third car in a line of four involved and sat in the middle of the freeway waiting for the highway patrol. i am grateful that i (and everyone else involved) is fine, but boy accidents are a pain in the you-know-where.

on the bright side i still have my pretty teeth.

our t.v. went out. certainly this isn’t a huge deal in the scheme of things, but when it goes out with 3 minutes left in the lakers-celtics game it’s pretty major. luckily we paid extra to take care of such things, so the repairs are covered. i have to say that i’m a big fan of best buy right now. not only will they fix it, but they brought out a loaner.

other than that, i am pretty smitten with life so far this summer. i now have time to call insurance adjustors and wait around for t.v. repairmen, something not so easy during the school year.

 just kidding…i am grateful that these are the biggest problems life is handing me right now.

so…thanks for listening, and have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

have you seen the photography of stephanie rausser? i promise you will love.


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chair diy via simply grove. love this idea, although i already did it here, i have another chair to do.

recycled polypropylene rugs at fab habitat. totally budget-friendly and stylish to match.


my favorite novels immortalized on t-shirts, from out of print. thinking i may have to buy a few for every time i start a novel with my students…

their blog is pretty awesome, too. love this interview with ira glass.

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pink velvet.


this recipe is my go-to for red velvet cupcakes. for this shower i merely used 1/4 of the food coloring to make “pink velvet”, more appropriate for a baby girl’s shower.

fyi: the cream cheese frosting recipe makes enough for two batches of the cupcake recipe, however, it’s so darn good that you won’t regret having leftovers if you only make one batch of cupcakes. it’s so good you can eat it out of the bowl. seriously.

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a summer shower.


a couple of weeks ago we showered a dear friend with love and gifts. this will be baby #3 for lupe. i need to work on taking pics when the food is all laid out, but, well, it’s hard to hold back the troops when they are hungry. the best idea (of which i have to credit to someone in blogland) is making onesies for the baby. i ironed on heat ‘n bond to fabric scraps and printed out animal templates. shower attendees cut out shapes (or used the pattern of the fabric or their own designs…people are so darn creative) and ironed them onto the onesie. now lupe has a ton of onesies in various sizes for the baby girl!


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