{bits from} our weekend.


 01. celebrated our anniversary…at home with greek food. just couldn’t bear to get dressed and go out after a few days in sin city.

02. received j’s birth certificate! yipee! it’s official official.

03. didn’t get the day started until about 1 p.m. on sunday. just can’t do it until the sun comes out. oh, summer, where art thou?

04. am itching to get a trip planned to hawaii for next summer. vegas just didn’t satisfy my yearning to travel and my heart feels empty without a trip to somewhere tropical. love, love, love perusing vrbo.

05. vegas was great…relaxing at times, at others not. traveling with a 3-year old to las vegas is um….interesting. but j loved the pool and spending time with his cousins. not sure if i’ll venture to vegas again with a child. there’s something just wrong and weird about walking your kid through a smoke-laden environment at odd hours. ’tis truly the city that doesn’t sleep where all rules are thrown out the door. and thrown out they were with parenting too. naps at 5, lights out at 12 a.m. (what?).  french fries for dinner and room service just for dessert.


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