top ten: trader joe’s.

i don’t work for them, but can attest to this company’s amazing products. if you don’t have one near you i’m so, so sorry. i just couldn’t live without tj’s. my latest top ten:

01. giant white beans-mmmm…we are loving these on salads.

02. cheese-all of it. they have the best prices and best selections. they even have raclette!

03. frozen croissants-plain and chocolate…you set these out the night before to rise, then bake them in the morning. it’s as if you baked them from scratch!

04. sun dried tomatoes-we use these a lot around here…mainly for pastas and pizzas.

05. cereal bars-my son is addicted, and this is my go-to snack in a pinch. an added bonus is that they have selenium.

06. mahi mahi-already marinated this fish is our mainstay for fish tacos or as a main dish with mango salsa.

07. lavender dish soap-easy on the environment, smells good, and i also use this as an insect repellent in my veggie garden.

08. flax seed-near the cereal section, i add this to our breakfast smoothies.

09. soyrizo-oh my goodness. i don’t eat meat, but could not even stand it when my husband made chorizo for breakfast. the smell just soaked into eveything and made me want to toss my cookies. seriously. this stuff is made from soy and is delicious. and my husband says he does not taste any difference between this and the real thing and will never go back!

10. flowers-such good prices that i never fail to leave the store without at least one bunch!


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2 responses to “top ten: trader joe’s.

  1. miranda

    11. TJ’s dips–sundried tomato, cream cheese, and pesto dip; guacamole; hummus; etc.

    12. TJ’s hot dogs without sodium nitrate

    13. TJ’s teas–chamomile and bed time tea

    14. TJ’s coffee–decaf French roast

    15. TJ’s carrot zucchini bread

    16. TJ’s strawberry jam

    17. TJ’s jumbo eggs (they just taste better)

    18. TJ’s juices

    19. TJ’s chocolate covered pretzels

    20. TJ’s mini chocolate chip cookies (perfect size for kids, dangerous for adults)

  2. love it! we’ll have to keep a running list…

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