funny stories.

no pics today! just some funny things that j has said the past couple of days, jotted down here more for me than you, but entertaining nonetheless for you maybe?

j’s new favorite spot is our office/guest room/new baby’s room (pics of re-do coming soon). he calls it “chelsea’s room” since that is also our cat’s (chelsea) favorite spot. he likes to jump on our new sofa bed and while i was working on the computer last night he says, “mama i just farted….did you smelled it?”. ah…funny to mama but gross to you i’m sure. i just love how kids figure out tenses in our language.

today j had his first official dentist visit (btw have found a fabulous kids dentist…so cool. if you are local please shoot me an email for his name/number). he did fabulous and has no cavities! after the appointment we headed out for a sandwich at a local deli and although he was an angel for the hygienist and dentist, he was a little devil for us at lunch, refusing to eat all his food and just being a general curmudgeon. as the mr. was trying to feed him, j shook his head and said, “i just had my teeth cleaned!”.  ah, this kid kills us.

have a delightful weekend!


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