summer lunches and my continuing love for flax seed.



i love summer, for we’re eating the freshest food every single day. our lunches have consisted of salads, quick quesadillas, grilled pizzas, and paninis, much of the time made with just-picked tomatoes, squash, basil, and corn. yum…

 oh, and have i mentioned how much i love flax seed? it has tons of health benefits. i’ve been using it for awhile in our morning smoothies, but have taken to adding it to lots of other things now (pancakes, breads, yogurt, hamburgers, even grilled cheese). my friend, cara, recommended the book disease proof your child and i love this book. j suffers from asthma and there are many recommendations regarding how to alter a child’s nutrition to help with this. there’s also tips for changing nutrition for kids with adhd. hello? can i please have a copy for each of the parents of my students who truly have adhd?? : )

01. lentil, bean, feta salad

02. harvest grains salad (couscous, orzo, quinoa)

03. cotija cheese quesadilla and salsa

04. grilled pizza with pesto, heirloom tomatoes, and goat cheese


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  1. yeah! so glad it has helped. we are trying so many new recipes. love the ones you’ve posted

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