miss spider.


every morning this summer while i’ve prepared breakfast j has watched miss spider’s sunny patch friends. it’s his current fave and maybe it’s pms, but it has made me cry two times this week. first there was the episode where dragon, a dragonfly adopted by miss spider, goes off with other dragonflies only to return to his family that raised him. miss spider is heartbroken when he leaves but knows that she needs to let him discover his true self on his own. then, there is the family tree episode where miss spider’s adopted kids explore the complications of creating their own family trees. see now why i love this show? : )

this is miss spider’s description:

Miss Spider is the quintessential mom: warm-hearted, open, and extremely generous. Instead of eating other insects like most Spiders, she chooses to carefully prepare vegetarian meals for her family. For Miss Spider, motherhood is serious business. She diligently tries to administer the right balance of discipline and care to her kids. Knowing firsthand how powerful and transforming the gift of kindness can be, she shares this gift with both her natural and adopted children as well as all those around her.
so…my new mothering mentor is a cartoon character…. : ) 


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2 responses to “miss spider.

  1. That is so cool! My goodness! Such connections!

  2. sounds great! haven’t even heard of it.

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