random thoughts this monday…


01. i don’t mind growing older, but the worst part is that sickness lasts longer…have been fighting the end of a cold for going on two weeks.

02. am loving my new doughnut pan. yep, i can now make dougnuts for my little one AND add flax seed and other good stuff.  baked dougnuts also don’t have that yucky grease.

03. did you know? 1/2 a teaspoon of honey is good for toddlers who are fighting a sore throat or cold. AND little ones actually happily open their mouths up for honey. who wouldn’t?

04. omega 3s are really good for those dealing with the pain from endometriosis. good thing i’m addicted to flax seed and fish (from parenting magazine).

05. am really loving the cool and rainy weather in so. cal. it feels very autumn and gives me a good excuse to light a scented candle and catch up on all my mags wearing uggs.

06. i’m mucho proud of myself for keeping up with essay grading, although essays are the bane of my existence. i get through it by counting out and dividing a manageable amount to grade each day, and thinking of thanksgiving break, winter break, etc. etc.

07. am getting very impatient for a baby, but know that God will deliver in due time.

08. was mortified on friday night when my little one threw up in the middle of corner bakery. i’m sure this was not a appetizing sight for fellow diners.

09. AND…am glad to know that dear friends are out there reading my randomness…



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2 responses to “random thoughts this monday…

  1. Kristi

    # 5 and #6 -Ditto! I’ve put off essays from last Thursday too long already! Got my Uggs on in fron of the fireplace and 8 stacks of papers facing me . . . And sadly, Trader Joes chicken taquitos. Jim and I need another wife in this relationship–one that can cook and clean and watch a dog when we’re not home. Maybe I could be a happy Mormon. You think? Would I still be allowed to watch the housewives of Atlanta? They crack me up–Jim even enjoys them though he wouldn’t admit it aloud. 🙂

  2. #7 – totally agree and understand! i have always wished for a post card or even a post it note w/ a small plan outlined so i wouldnt wonder so much….

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