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i am a fan…


of cloth diapers! who knew they could be so easy? when j first came to live with us, i desperately wanted to try cloth diapering, but ended up using eco-friendly disposables. i thought cloth would be extra work.

guess what? it really isn’t! it’s just like disposables except you wash the diapers, and that in itself isn’t too much work. it does require extra wash cycles, but the cost and environmental benefits far outweigh the work, in my opinion.

 i did much research before taking the plunge and started out with some pre-folds and covers from greenmountain. i then went with bumgenius and mostly use these now. we aren’t exclusive with cloth diapers, though. once little s starts daycare she’ll be in disposables all day, but at home and on weekends we’ll be using cloth. oh yeah, and vacations and weekend jaunts, etc. for sure will call for disposables. yuck, who wants to carry around poop?


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a photo essay: a day at home with baby.

today was our last day before winter break, but i was lucky enough to stay home with baby!

our morning starts with coffee for mommy, bottle for s. she’s mostly on formula, but, can you believe it? i have a dear friend, nicole, who gives us breast milk! little s will benefit so much from this generosity…

wash and line dry cloth diapers…

play with s (she is not a fan of the paparazzi)…

everyone except mom takes a nap… (so i get to blog…finally!)

get some sewing time in while they nap…

more bean bags made for babies. idea from here.

then relaxed and watched little women until the boys came home…

looks like we’ll be staying in tonight while the rain pours down.

enjoy your weekend!!!

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a birthday wish come true.


how did we live without this little girl? she is a wish come true. seriously, on my birthday as i blew out my candle i wished to have our baby before year’s end. my belief in birthday wishes has been restored.

after three days with her when she first came to live with us i had to return to work. s is not old enough to attend daycare so the mister and i have traded off using sick time to bond with her. generous family members have helped out as well. we are blessed, however, to have school vacations to spend time with our little family, and by january 3, when we return to work, she will be seven weeks old and ready to start at our son’s preschool.

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i am not one of those people…


who hates that christmas decorations are up in the store before halloween, AND

i love my realtor…

because she leaves notepads on my doorstep. i am a fanatical list maker. done before halloween: christmas gift list (not to include the stocking gift list), thanksgiving meal list, and the one my husband hates…the holiday activity list…

01. go to disneyland to see the holiday decorations.

02. watch the holiday, elf, little women, white christmas

03. black friday.

04. go to the aquarium. (i think we really need to take advantage of our annual passes).

05. see christmas lights.

06. assemble a gingerbread house.

oh, life is so much sweeter with our new baby girl. she was the missing puzzle piece to our family. more on what’s been happening with our family later. we will be visiting santa tonight. enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

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