i am not one of those people…


who hates that christmas decorations are up in the store before halloween, AND

i love my realtor…

because she leaves notepads on my doorstep. i am a fanatical list maker. done before halloween: christmas gift list (not to include the stocking gift list), thanksgiving meal list, and the one my husband hates…the holiday activity list…

01. go to disneyland to see the holiday decorations.

02. watch the holiday, elf, little women, white christmas

03. black friday.

04. go to the aquarium. (i think we really need to take advantage of our annual passes).

05. see christmas lights.

06. assemble a gingerbread house.

oh, life is so much sweeter with our new baby girl. she was the missing puzzle piece to our family. more on what’s been happening with our family later. we will be visiting santa tonight. enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!


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