a photo essay: a day at home with baby.

today was our last day before winter break, but i was lucky enough to stay home with baby!

our morning starts with coffee for mommy, bottle for s. she’s mostly on formula, but, can you believe it? i have a dear friend, nicole, who gives us breast milk! little s will benefit so much from this generosity…

wash and line dry cloth diapers…

play with s (she is not a fan of the paparazzi)…

everyone except mom takes a nap… (so i get to blog…finally!)

get some sewing time in while they nap…

more bean bags made for babies. idea from here.

then relaxed and watched little women until the boys came home…

looks like we’ll be staying in tonight while the rain pours down.

enjoy your weekend!!!


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One response to “a photo essay: a day at home with baby.

  1. miranda

    LOVE THE POSTS AND PICS! I think I’m gonna try cloth diapers with my next one. I didn’t know they were so much better nowadays!!!! Geesh!

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