three things (and people) i love.

i love how j still talks about his favorite film, north shore, and how when we ask him who lives in hawaii he says uncle mike, auntie audrey, cousin elijah, and rick (from the film). he talks about surfing when we go to hawaii this coming summer and how we need to be careful that we don’t “hit the weef” (reef). oh my lord it’s so cute. we make him say it over and over and over.

i love the little cooing sounds that s is making. so cute.

and i love how my husband cleans the kitchen. it’s taken years of training, but my god, the man leaves it sparkling clean! i love you hubs!

one semester is over as of today. one more until summer! woohoo!

this weekend we will be showering cousin, kristen, with gifts and love, j starts a new basketball season, and some planning will be started for a certain someone’s birthday party in april. i believe in planning ahead, people.

have a lovely weekend!


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